Rendezvous with destiny? | Freyne Land

Rendezvous with destiny?


What are these folks doing on a rather chilly Church Street Marketplace in Burlap on Saturday afternoon?

"We are giving away Barack Obama bumper stickers and buttons and information and encouraging people to vote in the primary on March 4," said Laura Cary of South Burlington.

What’s the response been?

“Fantastic! Unbelievable! Overwhelming!” she said.

Added her partner Michael Ancel, "One guy came up and said I just want to stand here and talk to you and tell you how good I think this guy is. They think this is a transformational opportunity for them to vote for somebody new," said Michael, "to change the world!"

Indeed, many folks were stopping by their Obama table to take a bumper sticker or ask what they could do to help.

"We talked to someone who said he was a lifelong Vermonter and a lifelong Republican," said Laura. "He has voted for president since Ronald Reagan and he’s going to vote for Obama."

One sure does get that "Times they are a changin'" feeling.