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Looking serious....


After catching Ol' Bernardo at Mt. Mansfield Union High School on Sunday morning, yours truly actually made the trip to the Statehouse where the state committee of the Vermont Progressive Party met from 1 PM until 4 PM.

Driving was a wee bit dicey - from 30 mph to Waterbury, then 50-55 mph the rest of the way. A few vehicles off the road. Word from Statehouse security was the Vermont State Police had stopped responding to vehicle accidents  - too damn many.

State Chair Martha Abbott of Underhill said the state committee had 85 members, though with the snow and ice, only about 25 made it to Montpeculiar.

They got to hear David T. Z. Mindich [speaking at right] talk about his book: Tuned Out - Why Americans Under 40 Don't Follow the News.


David teaches journalism at St. Mike's. He told us he's a progressive "with a small 'p.'"

And they also got to see Anthony Pollina's new up and running website - which you can now see, too. Here.