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Gaye on hemp...


Democrat House Speaker Gaye Symington didn't mince words Friday afternoon when asked if she cared to comment about GOP Gov. Jim Douglas' comment about the 127-9 passage of hemp legislation in the Vermont House. Lot of GOP "yes" votes in there, eh?

Gov. Scissorhands, while not talking "veto" [he doesn't have the votes on this baby], poo-poohed it Thursday as a waste of valuable legislative time.

Said Speaker Gaye of Jericho:

I think that bill took a couple days work and was based on solid experience in other states [sic] and will mean that at the point where the Feds move, we will be ready to go. And I can't imagine there's anything to lose by creating more opportunities for Vermont farmers.

Reminded hemp, since 1958, has been considered illegal because Uncle Sam considers it the same exact thing as marijuana, Symington predicted there will be a new Administration in the White House come January, and with a likely even stronger Democratic Congress, hemp should fly.

I think it would be good to be ready for that refocusing on the priorities of this country and a vibrant economy that's likely to come after the 2008 Election.

She's got a point, eh?

P.S. Got home from Montpeculiar and the last electrician was gone. The heat's on!

Back to the world of digitized button-hitting to obtain life's basics.

Progress, right?