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Old Man Winter


Nice day, eh?

Yours truly was up at 5:30 AM. L'il snow in the Queen City.

Hell - lotta snow.

Shoveled out so the dynamic duo installing the new furnace and water heater could get in. Pleasure to meet folks who actually know how to do stuff. And they never went to college.

Maybe that explains why they know how to do stuff?

Then headed around the corner for a little Java. The snow just won't stop. Almost 16 inches in the Peoples Republic. Vermont like the old days. No one will be sitting at the picnic table outside Speeder & Earl's today.

The Ol' Saturn, I was just told, will be ready for pick-up at the body shop around 1:30 PM. That's when Gov. Scissorhands is having his weekly presser in the Ceremonial Office at the Statehouse. And it's just after Dr. Deb Richter and her "Healthcare for All" crowd wrap up their second monthly Statehouse protest/lobby day. We'll see how the weather affects the turnout.

Looks like I'm gonna miss both, since I still haven't deciphered all the bells, whistles, buttons and switches on the Toyota Prius rental, and even if I did, the roads look like *&#*.

C'est la vie.

Hope King James doesn't miss me.

Tomorrow's another day.