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Hemp Has Legs


Don't spend much time in the House Agriculture Committee chaired by Progressive Burlington farmer Dave Zuckerman. Today was an exception. An interesting exception.

Check back to find out what Alex Miller [right], founder/owner of True Blue Green Food in Bethel had to say about how nice it'd be to be able to grow hemp seeds right here in Vermont instead have having to order from Canada.

Interesting story about this former Australian chef to the rich and famous in Seven Days last Halloween. I missed it on the first go-round. Maybe you did as well?

Also find out what the two top-ranking Vermont State Troopers behind her had to say about it - and a cop on the speakerphone from Saskatchewan where it is legal.

Rep. Michael Fisher of Lincoln's H.267, a bill that would allow commercial hemp production - it's not the same as marijuana, witnesses emphasized - actually looks like it has legs.