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Work in Vermont?


This is what a talented, hard-working, successful newspaper publisher looks like. Took the pic this afternoon.

Paula Routly came to Vermont to go to Middlebury. Stuck around. Started Seven Days with Pamela Polston... jeezum-crow, in 1996?

"Inside Track" departed Vermont Times to join them about two months after they started. Hillary Clinton was First Lady.

I never see Paula on a Wednesday. But today I followed an impulse and bagged my trip to Montpeculiar - snowing and traffic moving at 50 mph, so I got off on the Richmond exit and came back to Burlap.

Did taxes, would you believe? Then went to 7Days to make copies.

Ol' Paula's been doing extra duty promoting this Saturday's big Creative/Tech Expo on the Burlington Waterfront. It's called "Vermont 3.0."

We're talking Green Technology, software/website development, graphic design, cutting edge you-know-what. Right here in the Peoples Republic. This week's edition of Seven Days has a bunch about it.

Did you know that there are a whole bunch of high-tech, laid-back businesses in your backyard looking for talent?

I didn't.