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Should he? Or shouldn't he?


Should Peter Galbraith, a complete unknown to the people of Vermont, run for governor on the Democrat ticket?

That's a shot of Ambassador Pete taken on Church Street in Burlington last November, holding a copy of his book The End of Iraq. He'd just had coffee with Anthony Pollina at Uncommon Grounds.

Yesterday on VPR's Vermont Edition he was asked directly: Are you going to run for governor?

“I’m thinking seriously about it, but I haven’t decided,” he answered.

What more goes into your considerations, I mean, Anthony Pollina  is running. We know Jim Douglas is running. What are you still working on deciding?

"There are a number of points," replied Galbraith.  "First I have to say this is very early in the season. We have a two-year term for governor. I don’t think anybody in Vermont is interested in a permanent campaign. I’m not a politician. I was one 30 years ago [as chairman of the state Democratic Committee], basically I turned my attention to international affairs and dealing with some difficult problems. The question for me is whether I want to continue to do that and whether that’s the best way I can make a contribution... or closer to home."

Doesn't Tony the Prog's candidacy make things a little tough?  You and he split the "left" and Jim Douglas skates to an easy victory!

"My decision," said Galbraith, "doesn’t depend on what Anthony Pollina does. I’m going to come forward,if I were to run, with a  set of issues. I’d like to see something doneabout property taxes, which is an enormous burden for a lot of people.We need to find some solutions there. I’d like to see us move towardcomprehensive and frankly affordable healthcare...I’d like to look atalternative energy. These are some of the issues I would talk about ifI were a candidate."

Exciting, huh?

What's your advice for Mr. Galbraith?