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Crosswalk Duty


Caught these fine gentlemen today sharing good wishes in a key Montpeculiar crosswalk right next to the Pavilion Building.

Hey, it's a small town.

Montpelier fixtures are they, for as long as I can remember. Damn baby-boomers!

That's Lobbyist Steve Kimbell of Kimbell Sherman Ellis [on the left] shaking hands with whatshisname, oh yeah, the Governor of the State of Vermont, the Honorable Jim Douglas!

However, the hot action under the Golden Dome Wednesday wasn't being generated by elected officials, but rather by the 200-plus folks who packed the Cedar Creek Room and Room II - doctors, nurses, patients, seniors - folks who took off from work, folks who won't take "no" for an answer when it comes to seeing Vermont make real progress on healthcare reform.

This year they want H.304, the global-hospitalization bill, to move. They insist it's not only doable, but includes everyone and cuts costs, too.

The Democrat leadership and the GOP Guv say fuggedaboudit.

More later...