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Bernie Sanders
Bernie & the Guv Race


"Gonna say anything about that?" we asked Vermont's Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders the other day before he departed for Africa with Sen. Tom Harkin.

Bernie was heading off during the congressional recess to take an up-close-and-personal look at where our chocolate actually comes from.

Not a sweet story.

I asked Ol' Bernardo if he will get involved in the 2008 Vermont gubernatorial race which now has Progressive Anthony Pollina's hat in the ring and still - still - no Democratic Party candidate [though several insist they are considering thinking about considering thinking about running].

Replied Sen. Sanders:

"At a certain point I sure will. I’ve known Anthony for many years. He worked for me when I first came into the House. Anthony is obviously a very bright guy, very articulate, and very knowledgeable about a whole lot of issues and I’d think he would be a good candidate."

And Sanders agreed that were a Democrat to jump in as well, making for a three-way race, Incumbent Republican Jim Douglas would have a smooth sail to victory lap #4.

"If you had a Democratic candidate and a Progressive candidate like Anthony, obviously that would be counterproductive."


Even to Democrat Party State Chair Ian Carleton?