Year of Low Expectations? | Freyne Land

Year of Low Expectations?


The elected people's representatives from every corner of Vermont get down to business today under Montpeculiar's Golden Dome. It's Year II of the biennium.


The first year was noted for all it did not achieve, for the impasse between our Republican governor and Democratic Legislature. For the vetoes that were sustained. For the lack of communication.

The second half kicks off with the real meat-and-potatoes issues being voiced loudest by folks outside the building - regular Vermonters.

With every passing day, more people get fed up with our healthcare system. Both people experiencing it as patients and people administering it as doctors and nurses.

Let's get real.

And after almost 40 years of building more courts and more prisons, more and more gray-haired folks, including prosecutors and cops, are willing to acknowledge the absurdity of our illegal-drug policy. It's costing us a fortune and creating more crime while doing nothing to reduce drug abuse.

If there was one bill you could sponsor AND get passed by the Legislature and signed into law this year by the Guv, what would it be?