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Bernie Sanders
Welch heads for Iraq


Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t the only member of the Vermont troika doing some official traveling during the current congressional recess.

With the intense US media saturation-coverage of the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary, our war in Iraq may have slipped some people's minds.

Word from Capitol Hill just now that Democratic Congressman Peter Welch is heading for Iraq today. Ol’ Welchie, according to the e-mail release from his Press Secretary Andrew Savage:

“will also travel to Jordan and Lebanon as part of the trip organized by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee on which he serves.

“The delegation will examine the political and military situation in Iraq, investigate the status and quality of U.S. taxpayer-funded reconstruction projects (a topic of recent Oversight and Government Reform investigations), visit U.S. troops currently serving our country in Iraq, and seek to further understand the Iraqi refugee crisis in the region.

"Welch traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan last March.”

The Democrats have been unable to come up with a candidate to challenge GOP Gov. Jim Douglas.

But the Republicans have been equally impotent in coming up with a legitimate challenger for Rep. Welch.

Interesting, eh?