At the top of his game... | Freyne Land

At the top of his game...


Here's himself, King James of Vermont, happily striding into his 11 AM presser this morning on the Fifth Floor in Montpeculiar. One could sense his excitement, looking ahead to the legislative kick-off next week. You can tell he loves what he does for "work."

Reporters, lobbyists, staffers - both his and those of the Democratic Legislative Leadership [the two in the back behind the TV camera] - packed the room. Both the state Democratic Party and the Republican Party had someone there videotaping the show. That's Chuck Storrow, veteran lobbyist with the white hair, a managing partner at Kimbell Sherman Ellis, seated at the press table behind Gov. Scissorhands' elbow.

A first! Next they'll be asking questions, too.

Jim Douglas has been getting elected since 1972 (to a House seat). He served as secretary of state and state treasurer, too. Currently, he has no Democratic opponent in this year's governor's race - it'll be his fourth. Declined to say how much money his campaign has raised thus far, but did acknowledge, with a wide smile, that he's doing pretty good.