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Monday, Monday


"Can't trust that day."

Remember The Mamas & Papas?

Good lord, they were playing them, the music of that era - my era - down at Speeder & Earl's today.

Stopped in there after paying a visit to McCaffrey Sunoco in the Old Neighborhood at North & North. Woke to a little more than snow today - how about a tire that was going flat, too?

Don't panic, I says to myself. If you make it to McCaffrey's, you'll be OK.

Always feel safe in the hands of Ol' Pat McCaffrey. That's his kisser [left]. One of his boyos, excuse me, highly-skilled mechanics, pulled a nail and slapped a new nozzle or some kind of doo-hickey on it and, while waiting, who stops in for some auto service but veteran arts writer Susan Green and former College Street saloon-keeper Pat Finnigan!

Everybody's got a car in the Age of the Auto, eh?

And it's fair to say yours truly is among those who have contributed a wee bit to paying for Finnigan's as well as McCaffrey's.

Ah, the good old pleasure.


Gov. Jim Douglas didn't get his "Weekly Public Appearance Schedule" emailed out until 4:58 p.m. this afternoon.

Heck, we missed the Vermont Timber Frames Ribbon-Cutting at 10:30 this morning in Bennington!

"Nobody cuts it better..."