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Eating what?


According to Vermont bird & butterfly man extraordinaire Bryan Pfeiffer at Wings Environmental that's a male Yehl Skipper he photographed a few years ago. What a beauty!

What's he doing, you ask?

Why, he's eating bird crap!

According to Bryan the Birdman, bird crap is a source of protein and amino acids.  And Bryan knows his bird crap. Heck, once upon a time, this Birdman was a journalist on the Vermont political beat, writing for the Rutland Herald/Times Argus Statehouse bureau and, before that,  the weekly alternative paper - the Vanguard Press.

Anybody remember the ol' Vanguard?

In fact, the birdcrap-eating Yehl reminded us of the Guv's Tuesday afternoon statement in which he ate his recent "Reefer Madness" declaration - the one where he directed Windsor County marijuana busts of first-time offenders that are conducted by state police shall henceforth be prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General.

Apparently it never occurred to Gov. Jim Douglas that Attorney General Bill Sorrell's office is a little busy these days prosecuting things like murder and child molesting, eh?


Douglas claims there was a miscommunication. He thought veteran Windsor County State's Attorney Bobby Sand had a "blanket policy" of giving diversion to all first-time offenders.

Nice try, Jimbo.

Ain't true.