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Secret Government?


Took a break over the weekend from the hustle and bustle, so I didn't catch the House Republican Caucus on Saturday In Montpeculiar.

Looks like nobody did.

Veteran Ch. 3 Reporter Andy Potter tried, but had this to tell viewers Saturday night.

Republicans held their meeting behind closed doors Saturday, without reporters present, calling it a planning session rather than an official party caucus.

Then he gave the GOP House Leader Rep. Steve Adams [left] of Hartland face time to say what terrible things he anticipates the House Democrats will try to do in terms of raising taxes.


This is a democracy. An open government.

And the GOP holds its pre-session caucus "behind closed doors?"

Just change the name of the meeting of elected representatives from "caucus" to "planning session," and y'all can lock the damn doors and keep press and public out?

What kind of an example is that setting?

Has the law been violated?

And are Vermont Democrats, Progressives, Independents  - heck - even other Republicans - going to let such officially-sanctioned secrecy stand unchallenged in Vermont?

We'll see, won't we?

P.S. Vermont House Democrats met in Montpeculiar the previous Saturday for their pre-session caucus -  no "behind-closed-doors" secrecy.  Public and press were admitted, as usual,  to observe the discussion you elected them, and pay them, to have.