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VT Dems Losing Lofy


The top political strategist advising Vermont Democrats at the Statehouse - Bill Lofy of Jericho - has been signed up as a top strategist for the "Stop Sununu Campaign" in New Hampshire. Check it out here.

Let's face folks. It's the end of the Age of Bush and incumbent GOP Sen. John Sununu, a Bush lap dog, has a tough reelection race ahead against former Democrat Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.

Lofy, 35, is a former staffer for the late, great U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. He's also written a brilliant biography of Wellstone, the professor-turned-politician who was killed in a Minnesota small plane crash in 2002.

Lofy and wife Jamie moved to Vermont in 2005. They have a four-month old - Ben.

Mr. Lofy's the reason House Speaker Gaye Symington and Senate Prez Peter Shumlin formed a political action committee - so they could raise the bucks to hire him as their political "consultant."


But let's face it, folks. The 2008 race in Vermont for state offices like governor isn't looking real exciting at the moment is it?

The latest buzz has Windor County State Senator, and former Florida cop, John Campbell looking like the most likely Democrat who'll stand up to three-term Republican incumbent Jim Douglas.

John who?

Anway Freyne Land has also learned that Lofy the Writer has another book coming out in March on campaign management. It's called Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way and will be published by the University of Minnesota Press.

Trust me, the U. of Minn Press is a lot better than the Gophers' football team [1-9 this season].