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CLF's New Image?


The Conservation Law Foundation has a well-earned reputation for being the toughest, most litigious, nose-to-the-grindstone environmental non-profit in play in Vermont and across New England.  "Being liked" has never been CLF's goal. Rather, winning environmental battles in the courtroom is.

And they're good at it.

CLF's also undergoing a little style-change. Warmer. Fuzzier. Friendlier. And reaching out in a planned and deliberate way to the financially well-endowed among us for support.

Pony-tailed Attorney Chris Killian has been CLF's top dog at its Montpelier, Vermont outpost since 1999. Wednesday evening, CLF held a get-together at Burlington's Waterfront Theater on Lake Street. Yours truly had a chat with him before the show got rolling.

FREYNE: What's this all about?