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Local Matters


Baghdad's mayhem and murder is on the airwaves non-stop, but Burlington, Vermont is a very different place, isn't it?

Here in Freyne Land, on the South-side of Big Bad Burlap [that's a shot taken on Maple Street the other day with those Adirondacks in the distance], one is not concerned about driving over an IED and getting blown to kingdom come.

Rather, we have other concerns regarding safety. As veteran baseball umpire, City Councilor and State Rep. Bill Keogh articulates it in the latest online edition of the "Five Sisters Neighborhood Forum":

The perception of some folks is that many cars are speeding in our neighborhoods, thus potentially endangering pedestrians and children using our streets.

If you have a neighborhood area in which you think cars are speeding, work with me to make that determination.

Lt. Scott Davidson of the Burlington Police Dept. has given me an orientation and loaned me a radar speed gun to determine the speed of vehicles.  I’d be happy to work with someone who can check the speed of cars in their neighborhood.

For those folks who want to help in this effort, determine a time of day, the day of the week and the location.  You and I can sit in the car and clock traffic as it passes.  No, we don’t stop cars and we don’t write down license plate numbers. All we do is write down whether this car is above or below the speed limit (usually 30 mph unless posted otherwise).

I’ve done it twice, once on Pine St. the other on Home Ave.

What a guy!

Plus, Ol' Bill often gets taken for me when he's out on his bike.

It's the white hair and the Irish genes, sure it t'is.