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Don't Cry for Me, Argentina!


The truth is, I'm on "vacation." And I already live in vacation land. So instead of going somewhere far away, I'm getting my travel bug scratched by someone who is far away - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Received this e-mail from University of Vermont grad [1998] and former WCAX-TV Reporter Brian Byrnes.  Brian's in Buenos Aires these days and just became a daddy -"Terrence Bautista Byrnes ("Bauti"), was born on August 30th. He's cute as hell and we're thrilled."

Brian's also been having a blast covering the Argentine presidential election - you know, the one we heard little about from our mainstream press. Writes Byrnes:

We had a interesting presidential election here in Argentina on Sunday.The First Lady was elected to the Casa Rosada! Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerhas been called the "Hillary Clinton of South America," and in many waysthe comparisons ring true: she's a lawyer and senator who accompanied herhusband from the governorship of a backwater state....all the way to thepresidential palace.   On Sunday she became the first female elected to top office in Argentinaand is looking to become the new Evita. The same happened last year nextdoor in Chile: Michelle Bachelet went from political exile under Pinochetto being "Presidenta." I wonder if this wave of female presidents will makeits way from the south to the north??? Brian reported on the election for CBS Radio and CNN International.

If you're curious about what really happened in the Land of Eva Peron - and much more, check here.

Yes, there are other countries out there besides Iraq and Iran.