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Bernie Sanders
Downtown Vermont


Did downtown Burlington today.

So did a lot of people, and French was still being spoken.

People were dancing, too.

Dancing on their heads.


Kinda reflects the current condition of the political system here in the United States of America, eh?

Which made it all the more encouraging to find one United States Senator making a book run. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a U.S. Senator who does his own reading!

Bumped into Sen. Bernie Sanders at Borders. He was after the latest hot Blackwater book that's climbing the charts. Yes, indeed - The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army!

Encouraging sign, eh?

An information-gathering member of the U.S. Senate working on the weekend.


Then strolling down the street, I bumped into this "power couple" on the city-hall block.

The Vermont career cop and the Vermont career anchor-babe!

The professional law enforcement official and the television journalist.

Lt. Helrich of BPD and Anchorwoman Kelly of WCAX-TV.

Emmet and Kristin.

Recently wed.

Legit at last!

Couple cuties.

There's a TV series there, folks....