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Bernie Sanders
Team Bush Wins in Costa Rica


Did not have room for it in this week's "Inside Track" which we pumped out today. Lot of balls in the air. 

Last week in "Track,"  I wrote about Sen. Bernie Sanders' visit to Costa Rica and his opposition to Costa Rica voting in favor of the Central American Free Trade Agreement [CAFTA}.

No other press interest in Vermont.

The pro-CAFTA side even aired a TV commercial attacking Ol' Bernardo and The Wall Street Journal went after him in two lovely articles.

The vote was Sunday and Bernie's side lost, though they made a strong showing with 48 percent of the popular vote. Tuesday. I requested a statement from the Vermonter on the losing side. This is what I received from Ol' Bernardo:

The Costa Rican anti-CAFTA movement – made up of unions, environmentalists, students and religious organizations – was heavily outspent, took on the entire economic and political Establishment, a hostile media and the president of the United States.  Nonetheless, they managed to receive 48 percent of the vote, a very strong showing.  The Costa Rican anti-CAFTA coalition is part of a growing, worldwide movement, including in the United States, which understands that unfettered free trade policies are designed to represent the interests of multi-national corporations and the wealthy and not ordinary working people.

Can't win 'em all, eh?