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Bernie Sanders
Sunday Services


A lot more cars in the parking lot than the Methodists or the Lutherans had.


Sunday Services with Bernie. The "church," i.e. the cafeteria at South Burlington High School was packed.

"I remain profoundly optimistic," Independent United States Senator Bernie Sanders," told the congregation attending 10 o'clock mass [I was an altar boy],  "that if we get our act together; if we mobilize people, the vast majority of the people agree with our vision for the future of this country. We are the vast majority."

Sanders gave a 30-minute sermon that kept everyone's attention and then he took questions for 45-minutes.

Bush’s ideology of "right-wing extremism," said Ol' Bernardo, is "supported by the very wealthiest people and by right-wing fundamentalist religious groups. That’s about all they’ve got.

"We can beat them," said Bernie.

"We can turn this country around, but my plea to you all is stay involved in the political process. Do not become cynical. That is what they want. Get the young people involved. And if we do this. in fact, we change this country in very profound ways."

Congress is out of session this week. Sen. Sanders has more public meetings on his schedule. Tonight at 7 p.m. he's holding one at the St. Johnsbury School on Western Avenue.

Wonder if the Caledonian-Record editorial writers will show, eh?