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Monica = Iraq?


With the Bush presidency crumbling on several fronts, how does Vermont’s Republican governor view the national political landscape?

Vermont’s top Republican, three-term  Gov. Jim Douglas has twice headed George W. Bush’s presidential campaign committee in Vermont. And while Dubya did not win Vermont, he twice won the White House.

Lucky us, eh?

But times have changed, and the Bush presidency has itself become a disaster. Vermont’s Governor was asked at his weekly press conference on Thursday if he remains a strong supporter of George "WMD" Bush.

DOUGLAS: Well, I’m certainly of the same political party as the president. We get along pretty well and he understands that Vermont’s a different place from a lot of other states [laughter].

Douglas suggested the downward spiral of President Bush actually resembles that of a couple of his predecessors in the White House:

DOUGLAS: I’m no historian, Peter, but I think if you look at the lastcouple years of any administration it begins to fade in terms of it’sfocus and effectiveness, whether it’s Iran-Contra, in the case of theReagan eight-year adminsitration, or the Lewinsky Scandal in the caseof the Clinton administration, Toward the end of an eight-yearpresidency, we often see a change perhaps due to the inevitability ofits conclusion within the next couple of years. And I don’t think thisadministration is any different from that.