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The Mystery Woman


Who is she?

The Lady in Red.

And just what exactly is her relationship to Vermont's Republican Gov. Jim Douglas?

And why are they smiling like that?

Check back Friday morning for the juicy details....


That's Douglas Press Secretary Jason Gibbs casting a friendly glance in the direction of The Lady in Red and her video camera.

Meet Liz Saxe, reasearch director at the Vermont Democratic Party.

Hey, it's the modern technological age - use it or lose it! Liz has been showing up at Gov. Scissorhands' pressers since winter. Nothing like being close to the enemy, eh?

The Guv's "weekly press conferences" stop being "weekly" during the summer. And also, the annual contract for taping the "weeklies" and distributing copies to the state's public-access cable TV outlets expired a few months ago.

Stay tuned.