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Bernie Sanders
Everyone's got to eat...


Ran into these two dudes grocery-shopping at the Price Chopper on Shelburne Road late Sunday afternoon.

That's Burlington City Treasurer Jonathan Leopold, on the left, and Ward Six City Councilor, and unsuccessful Democratic mayoral candidate, Andy Montroll on the right.

Everybody's got to eat, including yours truly.

Nice to see the city-hall types in a completely different mode, eh?

A cloudy dark start this Monday morning in Burlap to what looks like a cloudy dark week in Washington. The spotlight will be on Capitol Hill where, at the moment,  George "WMD" Bush looks likely to get enough Democrats to cave-in and keep the money flowing to continue funding his "Big Lie" in Iraq.

It's a bloody Vietnam flashback.

Deja-vu all over again, eh?

Before heading back to Washington, our junior senator, Independent Bernie Sanders, said it's time for the Democratic leadership to draw the line. Time to use the filibuster and keep the debate on war-funding going all day and all night.

No signs of that happening, eh?

These guys and the cities and towns they work for and represent could sure use those billions of dollars the Bush-Cheney team has poured down the sewer in Iraq, and wants to continue pouring down the sewer in Iraq....maybe add in some more for Iran, too?

Good for business. Well, some businesses, anyway.