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Change is in the air...


Love this window-box around the corner. Flowers have made such a comeback in Burlap. Heck, the whole city’s made a comeback as those who were around for the Burlington of the 1970s know well. A treeless City Hall Park. A waterfront under rubble. Patrick Leahy the state’s attorney.

Speaking of St. Patrick, just got an email from one of his crew regarding my description in this morning’s “Inside Track” column of the Senator as “one-eyed.”

He noted the senior senator from Vermont actually has two eyes in his head, but is “legally blind” in one of them.

Relax. “One-eyed” was merely a slang way of saying such. C’mon, it’s a column.

Hey, how about those headlines in today's papers:

Persistent Fear Drives Down Stock Market

A Scandal-Scared G.O.P. Asks ‘What’s Next’

A lot of folks are asking what's next, eh?

What else?

Last night, I was a 20-minute “guest” on NewsTalk 93 FM in Kingston, Jamaica. [Never been to Jamaica; love those accents!] Two female hosts, very articulate,  and some other American political science professor-type on the phone. The topic: Alberto Gonzales.

The other Yank was of a mind the choice of the next AG is George “WMD” Bush’s alone.


In fact, I’ve seen little in the national political press coverage that reflects any comprehension whatsoever about how the U.S. Constitution actually works.

This lame-duck president is really no King George, folks. The Age of Karl Rove has passed! Democracy is back. The required public process begins with a Bush nominee’s appearance before the Judiciary Committee. That will not happen until George "WMD" Bush AND Chairman Leahy and Co-Chair Arlen Specter have agreed on precisely who the next AG will be - ahead of time.

Let's be real. What’s happening now before our eyes is the collapse of the most crooked and corrupt U.S.  Executive Branch we have ever witnessed. Once so invincible it could fabricate phony evidence and mount a media propaganda campaign that led us into a totally senseless war it cannot/will-not end, the Bush Regime rats are fleeing their sinking ship quickly, eh?

That's what the loss of that iron-fisted majority control of Congress can do to you.

Donald Rumsfeld.

Scooter Libby.

Karl Rove.

Alberto Gonzalez.

And now, "Bathroom" Larry Craig of Idaho?
Larry “Family Values” Craig!

And I caught these patriotic Americans exercising our precious "freedom of speech" rights on the Church Street Marketplace Tuesday, during the dinner hour. There were 30 of them. From grandmas and grandpas to moms and dads and their little ones.

According to there were 600 similar protests across the nation yesterday.