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Upside-Down World


A little on the chilly side for August, eh?

Dare we say the world's a little upside down?

Nobody makes that point better than the Rythym Riderz Crew for whom standing on their heads comes natural. The Crew puts on quite the amazing show. We caught them on Burlington's Church Street Marketplace the other evening.

And, of course, they have a website, AND you can watch them perform online over on fellow Seven Days video-blogger Eva Sollberger's "Stuck in Vermont" blog.

How does he do that?

I mean, a truly amazing show to catch. I don't recall ever seeing a similar "break-dance" style. Local boys, too.

On the politics front, things are a little quiet.  Anti-wind power Republican Gov. Jim Douglas continues to get good press while Democratic House Speaker Gaye Symington and Democrat State Chairman Ian Carleton merely put out press releases that get ignored.

God forbid they'd ever make a phone call to a reporter, eh? Or hone down their message to a single, simple point?

Simply put, communications is not their strength, it's their glaring weakness.

Lucky Jim Douglas, eh?