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Frickin' Freyne Friday


What a day!

My apologies for the delay in blog-posting. Love the weather, but technical difficulties have been my theme song this Friday. Can’t get my camera to download pictures to my computer. Then I had my "Freyne Land" blog-posting completely disappear just when it was all set!  Had to rewrite the whole bloody thing.

C’est la vie, mes amis. We are living in interesting times and the tide is turning...finally.

You see, I went down to the Health Department in Burlington this morning to catch U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy. He was getting an award from Human Services Secretary Cynthia LaWare for his stellar work on behalf of the WIC Program.

I wanted to ambush him on the rather historic goings-on in Washington where as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, St. Patrick is at the center of the storm as this corrupt, dangerous and dishonest administration crumbles like a House of Cards.

Karl Rove, the architect of George “WMD” Bush’s political dynasty, may be leaving the White House, but Sen. Leahy made it clear to us that his committee is not backing off on its investigation of criminal wrongdoing by Karl Rove and the rest of them in the dumping of 8 federal prosecutors and the ensuing cover-up.

On Thursday, Chairman Leahy, wrote the Inspector General at Justice, asking that he investigate “potential misleading, evasive, or dishonest testimony by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 24, 2007,”  and in previous hearings before this and other congressional Committees.

The request comes just days after Rove, President Bush’s top political spin-doctor, announced in The Wall Street Journal that he will be leaving the West Wing at the end of August. Rove is so far refusing to honor a bipartisan subpoena from St. Patrick’s committee. Said Sen. Leahy to "Freyne Land":

I’m going back to Washington Monday, on the return date on the subpoenas. I expect that they will not produce the documents even though they easily could, but I’ll be there on the off-chance that they might produce something.

The former Chittenden Country State’s Attorney will meet on Capitol Hill with Judiciary Committee staff over what their next move will be, then return to the Green Mountains on Tuesday.

I’ve also sent a transcript of Attorney General Gonzales’ testimony to the Inspector General at the Department of Justice and pointed out a number of glaring inconsistencies in it. I asked him to look into that and to give us his report back.

And this morning in The Washington Post, FBI Director Muller adds to the inconsistencies of the Attorney General’s testimony. So it is becoming something where both Republicans and Democrats are very, very, very concerned.

Leahy’s reference is to FBI Director Robert Mueller who described then-Attorney General John Ashcroft as “feeble” and “barely articulate” when Gonzales tried unsuccessfully to get the hospitalized Ashcroft to approve a Bush Administration warrant-less wiretap program.

Gonzales, however,  gave a much different account of that Ashcroft hospital visit when he testified under oath before Leahy’s committee, describing Ashcroft as ”lucid” and claiming the drugged hospital patient had done most of the talking.

Anybody, anybody at all out there still believe Alberto?