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What's it all about...?


Don’t know about you, but I haven’t quite got it all figured out yet. However, I am certainly enjoying the quest. And I am very glad to be here...still.

The 17-year-old gals with the musical charms on the Church Street Marketplace yesterday around dinner time also seemed glad to be here. Hana Kornbluh [left] and Emma Nelson hail from Lincoln, Nebraska. Hana’s got a guitar in that case. They were playing some great indie-folk.

Only in Burlap for a week. They're staying at Camp Common Ground in Starksboro. Rang a bell.

Like almost everything these days, it has a spot in cyberspace, too.

Worth a check. And do watch the movie.

And lookie here at who we bumped into en route for a little Speeder & Earl’s caffeine?

Why it’s Ch. 3 Reporter Jack Thurston and veteran videographer Shelly Holt Allen!

Holy ____!

They were doing a piece on a show at Pine Street Art Works. And Ol’ Jack was giving me some friendly “BS”  for not having announced his arrival at WGOP, er, sorry, WCAX-TV in “Media Notes” in the Inside Track column...five years ago.

Jeezum crow, these Middlebury College graduates are so sensitive!

I’ll admit I’ve kinda gotten away from keeping steady track in Inside Track of the local news media turnover - unless it's a firing of a Burlington Free Press editorial page editor like David Awbrey [back when Vermont’s Gannett-chain outpost had free parking for employees], or a move to Boston by a longtime Ch. 3 news anchor like Sera Congi.

Sorry, Jack.

Hey, at least they have free parking at WCAX, eh?