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"It's Unfortunate," said Sanders


Sometimes I still have to pinch myself:

United States Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont.

Started covering the gentleman everyone knows as "Bernie" back in 1981 when he upset Mayor Gordon Paquette by 10 votes.

Now look at him!

Why, after about 20 years, he even started to relax a bit, realizing, apparently, I have a job to do.

So does he, right?

Which probably explains why Sen. Sanders does not include questions from the press, his unrehearsed answers, and the back-and-forth that goes on there in the video "propaganda" postings of his press conferences you can watch his senatorial website.

But, Bernie, they're called "press" conferences!

Didn't have room in the print "Inside Track" column to report on that part of his "press" conference where we asked him for a reaction to Republican Gov. Jim Douglas' double-victory last week over Statehouse Democrats & Progressives who tried to override his vetoes of their sacred climate change and campaign finance reform bills.

The Sunday before Wednesday's special session, Sen. Sanders convened a Montpeculiar Town Meeting on global warming that featured Author/Activist/Whistle-blower Bill McKibben of Ripton.

Sanders supported the veto override of H. 520 as did everyone of the 250-plus Vermonters at the Sunday morning conclave.

Sanders' side lost.

Reaction, Ol' Bernardo?

It’s unfortunate. Look, anyone who does not think that global warming is a serious problem really does not know what is going on. There are large numbers of people, according to the World Health Organization, who have already died as a result of global warming. You’re looking at droughts. You’re looking at floods. You’re looking at tremendous dislocation of our economy.

"The good news is we know how to cut greenhouse gas emissions. We know how to reverse global warming.We know how to do it, and you know what?

"We're going to learn more and more about this in the years to come."

Apparently a tree or two did grow in Brooklyn, eh?

Bernie cited one man from St. Johnsbury at Sunday's Town Meeting who had retro-fitted his home and cut his energy consumption in half!

"It’s waiting to happen. Wind technology is the fastest growing source of new energy in the world.  All of this is waiting to happen. Prices will go down. Technology will expand. We can do it, and it pains me we are not moving forward more aggressively because if we are not successful the results could be calamitous."

Given the opportunity to smack GOP Gov. Douglas, our socialist, tree-hugging U.S. senator declined. In fact, he noted his comments on Sunday in support of the veto-override came in response to a question from a reporter - me

Just doing my job, right, Bernie?