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The Symington Show


Two things one can say about Democratic House Speaker Gaye Symington:

1. She's evolving...politically.

2. Nice haircut.

Fresh from a holiday with her daughter in Norway and a butt-kicking on two big veto votes on the House Floor, Symington of Jericho occupied the hot seat on WCAX-TV's You Can Quote Me Sunday morning.

We will.

"Is the tax on Vermont Yankee off the table?" inquired News Director Marselis Parsons.

SYMINGTON: I think the tax on Vermont Yankee is off the table for funding the all-fuels utility.  I know there are many members of the House who are very concerned now that we have done this work we really understand that there is a very large business in the state who was being asked to pay a property tax that is way out of line and much lower than any other business in the state. And I think you might see legislation that addresses that in the question of tax fairness. When one business is paying less than its share into the Education Fund we know that it increases the burden on everybody else.