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Bernie Sanders
A Sanders Sunday


Off to Montpeculiar bright and early this Sunday morning for a Senator Bernie Sanders town meeting at the high school on: Global Warming. It starts at 10:30. I know, competing with church. [No big deal, but Republican Gov. Jim Douglas, in his best George W. Bush impersonation to date, vetoed the global warming bill the Legislature passed. The showdown on a veto-override vote is Wednesday.]

Of the four committees Sanders of Vermont sits on, one is Environment and Public Works and one is Energy and Natural Resources.

He's connected and appears to love his new areas of responsibility: energy and the environment.

He's also competing with himself since he'll be the featured guest on WCAX-TV's "You Can Quote Me" at 11. It was taped on Friday. Marselis and Andy Potter ask the questions. Do let me know if anything newsworthy happens. WCAX is too stingy to post video, audio or transcripts of its "premier"  Sunday Morning News Special. In fact, it's the station's ONLY news/public affairs program outside of the regular news.

Meanwhile, did want to share this photo of a rainbow over The Burlington Free Press, Gannett's cash-cow in Vermont. Took it last Monday after we were tipped off about Publisher Jim Carey's decision to end the free parking for employees and remove the bottled spring water cooler from the newsroom.

Tough economic times, you know.

Our report in Wednesday's "Inside Track" got picked up last Thursday by "Romenesko" - a website that covers all the inside poop in media and journalism.

Caused such a traffic flood to "Inside Track" that it crashed the Seven Days website for an hour!

Somewhere, over the rainbow!