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A Friday Surprise


So I went up to the Mary Fanny Hospital bright and early Friday morning thinking it was Chemo #7.

Turns out it was Chemo #8 - the last one!

Time flies.

And since it was the last one scheduled [and so far it appears to be working just fine] I used it as an opportunity to finally experience what a foot massage was like. Hey, you only live once.

Absolutely marvelous!

There are two massage therapists who work the chairs in the Oncology Center. The funding is from a grant from the Victoria Buffum Foundation.

Cindy Schaefer
told me she "really loves to be able to offer comfort."

Yes, I was taking notes while getting the foot massage.

"It's a reminder," said Cindy, "that they can feel good with their body. People in pain need to be connected to their bodies to heal."


I never realized the foot had so many parts!