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Greed is Good in Healthcare?


Went to Montpelier for the Vermont premier of Michael Moore's Sickoat 9:30 this morning at the Savoy.

Yours truly and WPTZ-TV were theonly media to show up for the presser at the front door of the Savoy Theaterthat Dr. Deb Richter organized.

Powerful stuff. Mind-opening. Heart-breaking. It's about a whole lotmore than the visit to Cuba part that's received all the pre-openingU.S. mainstream-media hype. The visits to Canada, yes, Canada and Paris, France and London, Englandwill blow your all-American mind. They certainly did mine.

Closer to home, he refuses to see Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, still, so I'd be shocked if Vermont's Republican Gov. Jim Douglas,a governor who publicly supports opening up our state to everycherry-picking health insurance outfit in existence, went anywhere nearthis flick.

More later....

Much moore.