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Vermont Will Be No. 1


Vermont was the first state to ban slavery, the first state to ban roadside billboards and the first state to recognize the loving relationships of same-sex couples.

And after tomorrow, Thursday,  June 28, 2007,  it will be the ONE and ONLY state in the United States of America that the most incompetent and dishonest president in our history - George "WMD" Bush - has not visited.

Until this week, there have been two states on the Bush no-go list. The Green Mountain State and Rhode Island have jointly shared the honor and distinction of not having had to "show the flag" for Bush II.

His daddy, President George Herbert Walker Bush visited all 50 states, including Vermont, during his one term in the White House.  And his successor, Democrat William Jefferson Clinton did make it to all 50, too, hitting Nebraska in his final month in office.

Word's out this week that the current President Bush plans to speakThursday at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. His topic will be the global fightagainst terrorism [something he's a real authority on, eh?]

The Republican president is making the trip to theheavily Democratic Ocean State before heading north for a vacation atthe seaside estate of his father, former President George H.W. Bush, inKennebunkport, Maine, said a Bush spokesman.

You know what that means, don't you?

After Thursday, we're No. 1.

Hip, hip, hooray!!!

You'd think Republican Gov. Jim Douglas' angry veto of H. 520, the Democrats/tree-huggers global-warming bill that ticks off Corporate Vermont so much from Entergy to the oil dealers, would soften Bush II up a little, wouldn't you?

C'mon Jimbo, use your Republican Party clout!