Wow, Democrats Can Count! | Freyne Land

Wow, Democrats Can Count!


What else explains this little missive that went out to the Vermont media around lunchtime:

"The leadership of the Vermont House and Senate today announced that in light of Governor Douglas’s veto of H.520 and his objection to the source of funding for the bill, Senator Shumlin [at right] and Speaker Symington [currently in Norway] will propose a suspension of the rules during the veto override session on July 11 to consider the same bill with the funding for an all fuels efficiency utility removed.

"Since the legislation vetoed by the governor stipulates that funding for the all fuels efficiency utility will be needed starting in 2009, this proposal would allow the legislature to consider how to fund the utility when it reconvenes in January.

"In the meantime, the planning process for the utility, as well as other key provisions in H. 520, will be enacted as stipulated by the bill.  Senator Shumlin and Representative Robert Dostis, Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, are meeting with Governor Douglas tomorrow to inform him of this proposal

I can think of a few Statehouse lobbyists who just might be having a few cold ones this evening in celebration of well-earned Democratic surrender!