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Signs of Summer


Late yesterday afternoon at Speeder & Earl's on Pine Street. The place was jumping with city worker bees.  At the window table there's Burlington Recreation Superintendent Maggie Leugers [right] meeting with Mary Wylde of Stowe, a consultant who will be giving "team-building" training to the 70-80 youngins who show up for their first day on their summer jobs today at the Burlington Parks & Rec Department.

Then there's the Fourth of July festivities to get ready for. Actually, on the waterfront of Vermont's largest city, the fireworks are fired on the evening of the 3rd of July.

Happy Third!

Maggie, a Cincinnati native, has been at this parks stuff since way back in the age of Mayor Bernie Sanders in the 1980s and the Burlington parks just keep getting better, don't they?

P.S. Is that really Dan Bolles, the new Seven Days music editor having a java and reading a book at the picnic table outside?