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Crime Beat


Caught the tail-end of the Vermont State's Attorneys' three-day pow-wow at the Sheraton Burlington [just over the line in South Burlington] late this morning. I wasn't the only one in a Hawaiian shirt, but they said I was the only press that had showed.

Boy, big renovations underway at the Sheraton - the lobby's getting redone, new floors, fixtures, the parking lot's getting a pave-job and more. The new Marriott that just opened on Battery Street by the Lake is having an impact, eh?

Here's a shot of our state's attorneys getting lectured by "Master Organizer" Porter Knight of Bristol, Vermont. Sounded enticing: "Organized to Last- 5 simple steps to staying organized."

Wish I had the time.

Did see a few of those state's attorneys from outstate and downstate I only ever see on Ch. 3, including some who rarely get in front of the camera unless they're in a courtroom, like veteran Rutland County State's Attorney Jim Mongeon [left]. Nobody's been at it longer.

Jim is a 1970 UVM grad who was deputy state's attorney when Gov. Dick Snelling appointed him way back in 1980 to fill a vacancy in the top stop when the incumbent resigned. Mr. Mongeon's been reelected every time since.

Had a good chat. He confirmed my suspicion from faraway Burlington that Rutland is on the rebound.

"I'm a big believer that community involvement has a lot to do with crime prevention," Mongeon told me.

He said that community involvement has been happening in Rutland and "paying attention to the little things improves the overall quality of life. People are paying attention."

There's been community action -  "Rutland United Neighborhoods" [look column left on the police department page]  -  and reduced crime in Rutland.

It's making Vermont's second largest city a "livable place" again, said the man who ought to know.

Good news.