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Douglas for Governor!


Check out Sue Allen's sweet piece on GOP Gov. Jim Douglas' plans for a fourth gubernatorial campaign in 2008 in today's Rutland Herald.

Douglas finds future in the past

"The terms are brief," Douglas said. He is serving his third two-year term, after being first elected governor in 2002.

"I sometimes am frustrated that change can't occur faster," he said. "I certainly have a lot more to do and expect to try to continue."

Topping his list of priories, as it has in recent years, is controlling the high cost of living in Vermont — a challenge the governor dubbed his "affordability agenda." For the 2008 session, for example, he said increasing affordable housing would be his key initiative.

Hey, let's not forget, Sweet Sue was a distinguished gubernatorial press secretary for that little doctor guy...whatshisname?

Anybody have any Democratic candidate suggestions?

And here's a couple of Burlington's "Finest" non-political performers out for a late afternoon serenade on the Church Street Marketplace yesterday. Gotta run to an Ol' Bernardo presser at 11:30 downtown.....