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The Rites of May


ReCycling Day in my part of the People's Republic of Burlington.

Remember when we just threw it all away?

Or rather the "garbage men" came and took it all away. It was the only time I - Kid Freyne - saw a black face in my white New York suburb.

On today's agenda: Mayor Bob KIss is doing a City Hall presser at 11 with AARP. They're releasing a report:

The report, "A Great City for Older Adults -- An Action Plan for Burlington," will outline the key findings of city-wide surveys and focus groups, and represents the work of some 30 organizations dedicated to creating a community that accommodates, embraces and serves a fast-growing aging population."

Might be a couple aging reporters there, too?

And a few annual rituals on the schedule this week. The Vermont City Marathon this weekend and the Vermont Business Expo at the Sheraton kicks off Wednesday. Gov. Jim Douglas will be there to cut the ribbon, but I don't see the usual presser on his weekly public schedule.

Certainly, he'll use the occasion to land a few blows in the Great H. 520 - Climate Change Veto Fight of 2007?