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The Race is On


Down under the golden dome they'll be seeking compromise on the Global Warming/Climate Change Bill (H. 520) that's raising Entergy Vermont Yankee's blood pressure (and the Guv's).

Here on the South End of Burlington, Jay Morin was picking up the Blue Boxes starting at 7 A.M..

Yep, Happy Recycle Day in Freyne Land!

Mr.Morin told me he picks up "about four tons per day" out of the Blue Boxes. Been doing it for two years. The pay's "decent" and "the benefits are good," he said.

Please, no dirty diapers and cigarette butts, folks, OK?

Hit the wrong button, so I took a little movie instead of a little photo.


Blue Boxes? Remember when they didn't exist?

Remember when everything went out the window or into the landfill and adjacent river?

We've come a long way, baby, because a whole lot of people actually give a damn. The Blue Boxes are just one little reminder.

Also, more on the Vermont IMPEACHMENT movement and Vermont Congressman Peter Welch in today's Brattleboro Reformer:

Welch: No impeachment
Protesters try to change congressman's mind on issue

By PAUL H. HEINTZ, Reformer Staff

HARTLAND -- He doesn't agree withthem, but he'll listen to their arguments and pass those along to theU.S. House of Representatives.

So said Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., Saturday afternoon, following atense meeting with impeachment proponents in the basement of Damon Hallin Hartland.

Since the Vermont House and Senate weighed in on impeachmentlast month, the political hot potato has been tossed to Welch, a firstterm Congressman who believes impeachment proceedings would divide thefragile Democratic majority and prolong the Iraq war.

As soon as he sat down with leaders of the impeachmentmovement on Saturday, Welch announced he would host a town hall forumthe following weekend for his constituents to discuss the subject withhim.

"I'm glad to listen to Vermonters," he said. "Let whoever wants to come and talk about it."

More here.