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Free Hugs?


Two South Burlington High School 10th Graders brought smiles and good vibes to the mellow and warm Church Street Marketplace late Monday afternoon.

Thank you, Samara Densmore (right), and Sarah Jaques. Sweet sixteen are they.  Remember?

Where did the "Free Hugs" idea come from?

They directed me this gentleman on YouTube, an Australian bloke, they said, who goes around the world giving out "free hugs."


What else?

Struck up several conversations along the bricked downtown of Vermont's largest city. Old timers and new folks. Lots of smiles. Friendly vibes. Free hugs.

When I was 16, I imagined by now interplanetary travel would be commonplace. War would be "nearly" obsolete.

Oh, well. Anyone working on either of those goals lately?

Also picked up some interesting news on the Vermont political front, even political history-wise.

Saving it for the Ol' "Inside Track" in Wednesday's 7Days.

Yes, they still have newspapers made out of newsprint!