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Democracy Downtown


Something for everyone in downtown Burlington, Vermont this sun-splashed Saturday!

William Costello, 41, of Milton, described himself as a "street evangelist." Told me he was saved nine years ago and has been street-preaching for the last seven. Does it all over Chittenden County, he said.

We asked him if the cops ever hassled him?

He just shook his head "no," and said, "First Amendment."

Then, out of nowhere, came something I haven't seen in a long, long time: college students protesting a war. Hey, there isn't even a draft!

This bunch of about 60 included students from (at least) Middlebury College, UVM and Johnson State College.

Well-organized. Good chants:

What do we want Democracy to look like?

This is what we want Democracy to look like!

U.S. Out of the Middle East

No Justice! No Peace!



FYI: I deleted the comments from “vermonter” and “real vermonter” posted under Friday Night Follies. Never did that before and I wanted to tell you why:

Gut impulse.

Woke this morning with a little nausea feel. The last chemo dose was a stiff one. The post from “vermonter” calling me “sexist” for commenting on the House Speaker’s second haircut in two weeks only irritated it. The nausea feel.

Then someone called “real vermonter” posted a shot calling “vermonter” a “chickenshit” for not putting his/her real name on his shot, but didn’t give her/his  name, either.

Look, one thing I’ve always done since "Inside Track" popped up in the Vanguard Pressback in 1981 is put my name on it. I’ll take shots and write someunflattering comments about our public/political figures, but I’ll always put myname on it.

So....who needs this?

Life’s too short.

Grow up.


- Freyne