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Busy Friday


Heading down to Montpeculiar to catch the Republican governor of Vermont plant a tree for Arbor Day!

And catch the Democratic speaker of the house hold her bag-less Friday "Brown-Bagger" with the press around noon.

Then back to Fort Ethan Allen for a panelist seat on the afternoon taping of "Vermont This Week" on Vermont Public TV. (Still a little foggy after the big Wednesday chemo but hanging in there.)

Do check out the response from Matt Cota to our "Truth the First Casualty" post.  Nice guy, Matt. Used to be a TV News reporter over at CH. 5. Now he represents the Vermont Fuel Dealers as his point of view clearly indicates.

But, Matt, why were those wonderful, hardworking Vermonters told H. 520 contains "a tax on heating oil and propane" when that's an outright LIE?

It's a tax on Entergy's Vermont Yankee Nuclear's through-the-roof, record  profits off Vermont Yankee. Entergy takes the buckaroos back to Louisiana and leaves their high-level radioactive waste behind in Vermont.

Good deal, eh?