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Adapt Tuesday


Busy day ahead.

Have to get past this frightening, armed gentleman [left] to get into the Statehouse this morning. Don't know how I do it, but I do. Thank you, Chief Dave Janawicz.

Gov. Jim Douglas has changed his schedule and moved his "regularweekly" presser up from Thursday at 1 P.M. to 10 o'clock this morning.It's our "Inside Track" day, but I've adapted. Got a certaininterview done with a certain someone yesterday so we've already filleda big whole.

Did you catch the story in this morning's Freeps about Big Business wailing and gnashing teeth over Sen. Peter Shumlin's proposed tax on Entergy Vermont Yankee's "nuclear" bankroll?

Writes Statehouse Reporter Terri Hallenbeck:

State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding, a Democrat,offered an indication that the Vermont Yankee tax might not go oversmoothly among members of Shumlin's own party. Spaulding said the taxsends a negative message to businesses. "It's very problematic," hesaid. "It tarnishes our image as a reliable business partner."

Spaulding is quoted expressing his support for the original Shummy proposal - a surcharge on heating fuels to raise money for heating-fuel efficiency. It wasridiculed by the GOP Guv and the hissing and moaning got so loud,Shummy pulled it off the table.

Spaulding said Monday that first proposalmade more sense to him because the tax matched the goal -- the tax onheating fuel would pay for a program designed to reduce the use ofheating fuel.

What's he running for?