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Downtown Monday Etc.


All scanned. The first one, the PET Scan, took 35 minutes in the tube-thingy. That's after 45 minutes just laying still in a recliner in the back of the truck trailer that lugs it around New England. I dozed off a couple times. It sure does have a Star Trek feel to it all.

Then an hour break to drink a couple bottles of some banana-tasting creamy stuff that's radioactive.


Then into the CT scan, but this time it was less than 15 minutes. Had time to go home for a bite to eat and then a run downtown for a little coffee and printed matter (i.e. newspapers).

Very quiet.

So quiet that Burlington Officers Matt White ([left) and Lee Thayer actually had a chance to stop and chat with each other in the heart of the smallest largest city known to any state in the United States!

Officer White hails from Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Officer Thayer is from Milton, Vermont.


Lee's a 1999 graduate of Milton High School. The boys, er, men,  went through the Vermont Police Academy together and have been wearing Burlington Blue for three years.

They're the most important people on Earth when you really need 'em.

And am I "dating" myself when I say they look kinda young?

Also on the street, playing to a very sparse audience, was this gentleman. I'd know his name, but as soon as I pointed the camera in his direction he started improvising a song hitting on me for money for taking his picture.

Public street, pal.

For now I'll just think of him as "Your Excellency!"

Gov. Jim Douglas has changed his schedule, moving his "regular weekly press conference" from Thursday to Tuesday. That means I have a little Tuesday schedule reordering in store.

Wouldn't miss Gov. Scissorhands' performance for the world!

Anybody out there got a good question for our chief executive?

Not a speech - a question?