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Deadline Tuesday


Crunch day for "Inside Track." And would you believe I was up at 6 A.M. pounding out my May "Under the Dome" column for Vermont Business Magazine?

I love writing. When I was a 20something cabbie in Chicago during the 1970s I always had a notebook with me, a copy of Letters to Theo, a Henry Miller novel. Mike Royko on the corner of the Billy Goat bar nursing a brew. Lincoln Avenue was my Left Bank night scene. Blues, jazz and Mamet plays. 

Chicago was this New Yorker's own little Paris of the 1930s. When I wasn't at the BelAir Hotel on Diversey, I was living with the artist/painter sweetheart who eventually led me to Vermont in the late 70s where life really got interesting.

Still live on the shore of a "Great" Lake as the photo of Burlington shows.

I know, I'm procrastinating. Beating around the bush. That's because there's something I have to write about that I've been ducking....

Something for "Inside Track" about my own personal inside track - something about what I've learned about cancer.

OK. OK. Gotta run......