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Vermont Impeach-Bush Feedback


On Friday morning, the Vermont Senate passed its President George "WMD" Bush Impeachment Resolution on a 16-9 vote.  The news went national and apparently disturbed an unidentified fellow from Al Gore's home state who left the following message on Democratic Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin's (at right) office answering-machine:

"Yes, sir. I live in Tennessee, but when people like y’all up there make national news, be prepared for some response.

"I see where you voted for your non-binding resolution to impeach the president, but listen, dumb ass, you need to name some specific crimes, not just some bullshit that you think he may have done.

"Impeachment is a serious business and you’re just politically posturing. You’re a fucking communist just like the rest of the goddamn Democrats! So how about naming some real crimes or shut the fuck up!"

It's said you can judge a man by his enemies.

Shumlin must have done something right, eh?

Wonder if Democratic House Speaker Gaye Symington will continue blocking the Impeachment Resolution from floor debate?

The "gentleman" in Tennessee would certainly appreciate it if she did!