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A Gonzales Replacement?


Vermont’s senior U.S. Senator Patrick J. Leahy and longest serving voice on Capitol Hill (since 1975), was on CBS’ Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this morning. The main hook for the program was Monday's massacre at Virginia Tech that left 33 people dead.

How to prevent such from happening again wondered Schieffer?

Former FBI profiler Garry McCrary was nice enough to scold the media for running and rerunning and rerunning and rerunning the madman’s video. [Hey, man, it’s a ratings battle out there. The Almighty Dollar rules!]

Thank you, Garry.

By the way how many people have been killed in the ongoing massacre known as the “U.S. War in Iraq?”

Hundreds of thousands?

How many Americans?

According to CNN - 3316. They died to protect us from Iraq WMD's that simply did not exist!

Anyone looking into how that happened, and how it can be prevented from happening again?

In Blacksburg, Virginia, the gunman took his own life. Has anyone been held accountable for the continuing bloodbath in Iraq? Anyone?

At least Face the Nation had Leahy on so they could devote about three minutes to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ all-day appearance before Sen. Leahy’s Judiciary Committee on Thursday.  After all, Gonzales is the chief law enforcement officer in the United States.

I know, hard to believe the "land of the free" and "home of the brave" has sunk this low, eh?   

BOB SCHIEFFER: A lot of people now calling for his resignation. Are you ready to call for his resignation?

SEN. PATRICK J. LEAHY: You know, it’s an interesting thing. A lot of those calls are coming from Republicans. I think the Republicans were as critical as the Democrats during these hearings. The question I have if he left, he’s lost the confidence of many, the Democrats and Republicans in the Congress and many people throughout America, and the hearing did not help at all. It was sad in a way.

: But do you think he ought to stay? Can he be effective now?

LEAHY: I don’t think he can be effective, but who would he be replaced with? Is it going to be another person who is going to be really run by the White House? And if the White House is continued to be allowed to interfere with the criminal justice system throughout this country, something that affects everybody right down to the officer on the beat, then it does no good.

Never in the history, never in the history of the Department of Justice has there been a case where there’s be so much interference from the White House in our criminal justice system. That is what’s wrong.

SCHIEFFER: Thank you, Senator. Thank you.