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What a Day!


Yes, it really happened. Today, the Vermont Senate passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The story made the "A" wire. In fact, sources say, Democrat Senate president pro tem Peter Shumlin, a co-sponsor, got calls from far and wide including a call from the International Herald Tribune!

With this morning's action, an 180-degree turnaround by Shummy, the Vermont Senate became the first legislative body in the United States of America to have the guts to call for the impeachment of the most corrupt, greedy and dishonest administration in U.S. history. Big Oil and Big Pharma could not have purchased better White House representation!

Unfortunately, Bush and Cheney represent us, too.

So guess what Channel 3, "Vermont's Own," led their Six O'Clock News with tonight?

Would you believe the weather? The nice weather?

I'm not kidding.

Alex Martin
, WCAX-TV heir apparent, was "live" on the Burlington waterfront to tell us what we already knew: it was a sunny day with spring-like temps.

Stop the presses!

Also a bit of a surprise to see "Vermont This Week" on Vermont Public Television lead off tonight with the Nor'easter wind/ rain storm that downed trees and knocked out power in Rutland on Monday as their top story of the week. Brent Curtis of the Rutland Herald was on via phone to say anyone not already reconnected to the power grid, will be by the end of the day on Friday.

Stop the presses!

And Democrat House Speaker Gaye Symington had her noontime "Brown-Bagger" Friday. Full press turnout. She still won't touch an impeachment resolution with a 10-foot pole. More important things to do.

Obviously she does not realize what Peter Shumlin came to realize this week - the fact that outside the building, support for impeaching the Bush-Cheney Crime Family is strong, wide and deep among the common folk.

And the pro-impeachment grassroots passed the state senate resolution with 16 members in favor and nine opposed. Impeachment supporters are planning a Saturday rally in Burlington's City Hall Park at high noon.

See you there?